10 signs your company needs crowdsourced software testing

By | January 28, 2014

Do you recognize your company?

These are 10 tell-all signs that your company desperately needs crowdsourced software testing!

10. You are developing web and software products for the masses

9. Your testing budget is very limited and you want to make the most of it

8. Your website’s visitors are increasingly using mobile devices and you have no idea how your site looks on a small screen

7. Your production manager just referred to the project’s QA budget as “contingency programming hours”

6. Your hard deadline is getting very close and you haven’t performed any type of quality assurance testing yet

5. Your supervisor and your client are eager to launch but you are still finding new bugs every day

4. You are developing Android applications with only a Samsung Galaxy 2 for testing

3. Your company’s IT policy is that everyone should work on a Dell computer with the same copy of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8

2. Your users frequently complain about bugs in your products that you can’t reproduce

And the #1 sign your company needs crowdsourced software testing is:

1. Your entire QA team consists of the project manager working overtime and the copywriter when he has a few minutes available

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