What you need to know to create effective in-app ads

We may not like adverts very much as users of apps or players of games, but they are a necessity for developers trying to make a living. The app market has drifted away from upfront price tags towards in-app purchasing and in-app ads. Consider that just over 89 percent of all the apps in the… Read More »

5 tips for improving your mobile app performance

How quickly do you expect a mobile app to load up? How many crashes or stalls will you accept before you tap that uninstall button? There’s a lot of evidence that poor app performance translates to lost custom and our patience is in decline. According to The App Attention Span, a research report from App… Read More »

Where are the profits in app development?

At last count there were 1.6 million apps in the Play Store and 1.5 million apps in Apple’s App Store, according to Statista.  The app explosion has reached every corner of the market and many apps are developed as promotional tools, or brand-building exercises, but there’s also a big development community creating apps and games… Read More »

Should beta testers be professional testers?

There’s a growing trend, in games development particularly, of running an open beta test as launch day looms. Recruiting the general public to test your game can be advantageous for a number of reasons, but there is no substitute for the insight that professional testers can offer. So, should beta testers be professional testers? Let’s… Read More »

Is functional testing enough to ensure quality?

The idea that functional testing alone can ensure that your final software quality is as high as possible is a flawed one. It assumes that software quality is merely a measure of how well the end product fits the initial requirements. If the design was perfect, then perhaps functional testing would be enough, but it… Read More »

Software testing interview questions

At Crowdsourced Testing we meet a lot of testers and we decided to standardize our software testing interview questions. As such, if you interview with us for a tester position, it’s very likely that we’ll ask you the following questions. We are publishing them publicly so that: a) you can prepare efficiently if you have… Read More »

An Introduction to DevOps

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard the term DevOps mentioned from time to time. Its proponents claim that adoption of the concept leads to increased cohesion between teams, speedier rollouts, and higher quality software. While these are all promising advantages, there is a lot of ambiguity… Read More »

A Closer Look at API Testing

If you’re a software tester, API testing is a must-have skill to have in your arsenal. From a structural standpoint, an API (Application Programming Interface) sits below the GUI, within the business logic layer of the software architecture. Instead of a graphical interface, an API is made up of a set of functions and procedures… Read More »

Programming Lessons from NASA

For most of us, a minor programming snafu will result in a simple (albeit embarrassing) rollback and a quick fix. There are a few organizations, however, that don’t get that luxury. One of these organizations is NASA. Fat finger a variable name or trigger an infinite loop and the next thing you know your multi-million… Read More »

Mobile Gaming Trends to Expect in 2016

Another year has come and gone, and it was a big one for mobile gaming. In 2015, mobile game makers earned an estimated $30 billion dollars in revenue. By 2018, this figure is expected to reach a staggering $45 billion. Each year, a new crop of trends and innovations help drive the mobile gaming industry… Read More »