New features in iOS 10

By | November 13, 2016

Apple had the tech world buzzing yet again this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where the Cupertino-based company confirmed what many had long expected – the world’s most advanced operating system is about to get a whole lot better. While iOS 10 just became available in fall 2016, this highly-anticipated release considerably raised the bar. Let’s take a look at some of the many highlights.

Raise to wake

Just as the Apple Watch was designed to come to life whenever you turn your wrist to look at it, iOS 10 awakens your iPhone as soon as you pick it up. This simple feature prevents users from accidently skipping past Lock Screen notifications when they turn on their phone, as their phone will now turn on and any notifications appear automatically.


Sending messages has become a lot more fun and much more personal in iOS 10. You can handwrite notes using digital ink, customize your message bubbles to reflect your mood or even swap out words for some of the 72 brand new emojis which, by the way, are now 3 times bigger! For a little extra emphasis you can layer animated effects directly over the top of your message, such as balloons or fireworks, while a new Tap Back feature lets you choose from one of 6 quick responses for fast and convenient messaging.


Your favourite personal assistant has evolved considerably, becoming more intelligent and powerful than ever. Not only can she understand you better, Siri can now function in 3rd party apps as well, such as Lyft, WhatsApp and OpenTable, so she can do everything from book you a table at your favourite restaurant to arrange your ride there.

QuickType predictability

Apple’s QuickType keyboard has taken its predictive powers to a whole new level. Type “I am free at” and the available times in your calendar will pop up, type “John’s number is” and it will emerge from your contacts automatically and if someone messages asking “where are you?” your location on a map will appear as an option for a predictive response.


Apple’s new and improved Home app is designed to centralise control over household functions that are (or can be) internet-connected, from the lights, temperature and music right through to your locks and drapes. You can control each of those important functions individually or pre-determine settings for certain times of day and have all those ideal adjustments made at once with the push of a single button.


Cleaner, simpler and with easier to access controls, Apple’s Maps is finally giving Google a run for its money thanks to a redesigned and highly intuitive interface. Aside from providing a wealth of real-time traffic data and therefore saving you time and hassle on every trip, this clever app will now even suggest routes and destinations based on your regular routine, places you have stopped before or current appointments in your calendar.


Apple’s iOS 10 is set to become one of the tech giant’s most impressive releases yet and with many features open to 3rd party collaboration you can expect a deep and rich experience when the final product is rolled out later this year. To get involved in testing the new operating system, simply sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. To find out if your device will be compatible with iOS 10, visit the Apple website.