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By | January 2, 2014

Crowdsource testing companies can be a great source of employment for freelance software testers. There are numerous work from home opportunities for professional testers with crowdsource testing companies.

Top 10 reasons to work as a freelance software tester

10. You can work from home
9. You can work from anywhere in the world
8. You can make your own schedule
7. You can work more or less depending on your availability and financial needs
6. You can work as part of a team
5. You can work on multiple short-term projects
4. You can see innovative products before they are released
3. You can be satisfied knowing you helped improve a product
2. You can tell your parents that all those hours spent playing video games weren’t useless afterall

1. Software testing is a fun

Freelance software testing compensation

Crowdsource testing companies generally offer “bug bounty” opportunities, meaning that you are paid for every issue that you report. This model is also known as the “pay per bug” model.

Most companies offer a fixed dollar amount per issue reported, while other will only compensate the most valuable testers or award prizes for participating.

A few companies also offer hourly paid projects.

By working full-time with a crowdsource testing company, you can certainly earn a very reasonable wage.

Whether you are looking for full-time work or supplemental income, you should conduct your own research before signing up with a crowdsource testing company to make sure that you are comfortable with their payment structure.

The best freelance software testing jobs

The Crowdsourced Testing company provides excellent freelance software testing jobs to experienced testers around the world. They provide both paid-per-bug and hourly paid opportunities.

Based in Montreal, Canada, they have been in operation since 2011 and offer weekly payouts via Paypal. To find out more about the Crowdsourced Testing company and their work opportunities, click on the following link:

Discover great freelance software testing jobs

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