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How to manage mobile devices for maximum test coverage

One of the biggest challenges when testing mobile applications and games is the selection, sourcing, and management of devices. The smartphone market is buoyant, with countless new models released every year. The software running on those smartphones is varied. For most developers the idea of maintaining a full inventory of mobile devices is simply not… Read More »

What is poor app performance costing you?

The shift to mobile has been rapid, leaving many companies struggling to keep up. Mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop traffic. According to Capgemini, 58% of traffic to online retail sites now comes via a smartphone or tablet. A slow loading website or app can directly translate to lost custom, and with Black Friday and… Read More »

How to avoid response bias in usability tests

Software usability tests are essentially organized surveys related to the experience of a software product. Like any survey, usability tests are vulnerable to response bias and creators must avoid a certain pitfalls in order to obtain meaningful results. The way your survey questions are phrased and presented can influence the data you collect, and the decisions you… Read More »

Test plans pt. 5: Playtests

This is the fifth in a series of articles on the topic of test plans and test case management. You will find the fourth article of the series, How to write a test plan on Lean Testing’s blog. Playtests, or user testing surveys, differ from regular test plans since they require interpretation. You do not ask the tester… Read More »

Testing Mobile Games: Functionality vs. Usability

When mobile technology and gaming converge, you get an entirely new space that requires a very unique and focused testing effort. Unlike most other mobile applications, games are driven by their user experience rather than their functionality. And while mobile games are a growing part of the gaming industry, testing them as if they were… Read More »