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Software testing heuristics

Successful software testing is all about knowing how, where and what to test. This can be relatively straightforward when you have ample documentation to work with, however, when you don’t, you need to provide a little structure and direction yourself. Heuristics offer a fast, simple and effective alternative to testing blind and just hoping for… Read More »

8 tips for security testing web applications

Web applications offer a range of benefits for developers. Web apps don’t need to be installed, they work across platforms, and there’s no burden on the user to update. However, native apps afford developers far tighter control over the experience, and they’re also generally easier to secure. The native apps versus web apps argument continues,… Read More »

How to manage mobile devices for maximum test coverage

One of the biggest challenges when testing mobile applications and games is the selection, sourcing, and management of devices. The smartphone market is buoyant, with countless new models released every year. The software running on those smartphones is varied. For most developers the idea of maintaining a full inventory of mobile devices is simply not… Read More »

Software testing interview questions

At Crowdsourced Testing we meet a lot of testers and we decided to standardize our software testing interview questions. As such, if you interview with us for a tester position, it’s very likely that we’ll ask you the following questions. We are publishing them publicly so that: a) you can prepare efficiently if you have… Read More »

A Closer Look at API Testing

If you’re a software tester, API testing is a must-have skill to have in your arsenal. From a structural standpoint, an API (Application Programming Interface) sits below the GUI, within the business logic layer of the software architecture. Instead of a graphical interface, an API is made up of a set of functions and procedures… Read More »

What is poor app performance costing you?

The shift to mobile has been rapid, leaving many companies struggling to keep up. Mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop traffic. According to Capgemini, 58% of traffic to online retail sites now comes via a smartphone or tablet. A slow loading website or app can directly translate to lost custom, and with Black Friday and… Read More »

Did you try Lean Testing?

At Crowdsourced Testing, our mission is to simplify the software testing process for our partners. As you’d expect, a big part of how we fulfill this mission is by curating a network of professional testers who can provide software testing services on demand. But there are many other facets of the software testing process that… Read More »