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About Simon Hill

Simon is an experienced freelance technology journalist covering mobile technology, software, and videogames for a wide variety of clients in print and online. He regularly contributes to Digital Trends, Tech Radar, and Android Authority, and he ghostwrites for CEOs in the technology space. After completing a Masters in Scottish History at Edinburgh University, he began his career as a games tester, progressing to lead tester, game designer, and finally producer, before leaving the industry to write full time. He is passionate about the potential for good software and hardware to improve our lives, and strongly believes that thorough testing is a vital prerequisite for greatness.

5 important metrics that can help you improve your mobile game

Don’t rely on guesswork or intuition when you’re trying to improve your mobile game and reach a bigger audience. You can measure how people are interacting with it. The right metrics will give you insights into what’s working well and what could use a little extra work. External metrics can help you to analyze your… Read More »

8 tips for security testing web applications

Web applications offer a range of benefits for developers. Web apps don’t need to be installed, they work across platforms, and there’s no burden on the user to update. However, native apps afford developers far tighter control over the experience, and they’re also generally easier to secure. The native apps versus web apps argument continues,… Read More »

Pros and cons of open source software

The open source software movement has sparked an incredibly rich community of collaborative software developers producing wave after wave of applications. What started as a lofty ideal has become the norm. As many as 93 percent of organizations use open source software and 78 percent run part or all of their operations on it, according… Read More »

How to manage mobile devices for maximum test coverage

One of the biggest challenges when testing mobile applications and games is the selection, sourcing, and management of devices. The smartphone market is buoyant, with countless new models released every year. The software running on those smartphones is varied. For most developers the idea of maintaining a full inventory of mobile devices is simply not… Read More »