What is usability testing?

Usability testing is an exercise in which you invite members of your targeted userbase to experience your product and provide feedback as to its friendliness and efficiency.

The main objective of usability testing is to identify usability problems, collect qualitative feedback, and to improve users' satisfaction when you finally launch your product.

Why is usability testing important?

When you dedicate most of your time developing a web or software product, you become very familiar with its layout and content. As a result, taking a step back and looking at the product from a broader perspective is difficult.

Because you are the product's creator, you are not in a position to evaluate its friendliness in an unbiased manner.

Usability testers can look at your product from a fresh and unbiased perspective, just like a typical user would, and help reveal potential problems from a potential customer's point of view.

What is the best time to perform usability testing?

It is best to perform usability testing in the later stages of a development project, when the core elements of the user's experience are fully functional.

Ideally you do not wish to conduct these tests too late, since making changes based on the participant's feedback would be more difficult and costly, but you do not want to conduct the tests too soon either, when bugs and incomplete functionalities may hinder the user's experience.

(We recommend conducting functional tests first.)

How can I make the most of usability testing services?

To make the most out of a usability testing service, you should prepare a solid test plan beforehand, and consider the various operations which you want the users to accomplish.

You should also prepare a list of the questions you'd like the users to answer as they are performing these actions on your site, app or software. The questions should be meaningful, clear, open and inviting to really get participants to open up an share their thoughts on their experience.

To efficiently prepare to work with a usability testing service, answer yourself the following questions:

  • What sections of the project do you want the participants to experience?
  • What instructions should you provide to guide users just enough, yet still allow them to explore on their own?
  • What questions do you want to ask users at every step?
  • What kind of answers do you want users to provide? (Multiple choice, long answers, etc.)

Our usability testing services

At Crowdsourced Testing, we conduct usability testing to get feedback from passionate early adopters who will share their thoughts on how easy to use your products are and what aspects can be improved.

Crowdsourced Testing supports you in the creation of a relevant test plan and offers the possibility to personalize your test request to choose the testers that match your end-user profile.

Our crowdsourcing platform allows us to invite expert testers to participate in your product’s test on a moment's notice. They are asked to conduct high level review of your product and to report their point of view on the experience as easy and clearly as possible.

Using crowdsourcing to test your website, mobile app or software is proven to yield much better results than traditional outsourcing services, for which you pay a single individual on an hourly basis. Find out more about working with us on the software testing process page.