Our software testing process

How it works in 3 steps

  • Once we receive your test request, a group of expert testers and a Lead Tester are automatically assigned to your project.
  • A project manager instantaneously joins the project and becomes available 24/7 to answer your questions.
  • Sign up for free
  • Select your price plan
  • Provide some basic information about your project
  • Define your testing instructions
  • Our expert testers report issues in an easy-to-use bug tracking system, just like the ones you are used to.
  • We provide you with a clean and concise list of defects in a very short period of time.

Focus on quality

To provide the very best level of services,
a lead tester supervises the testing process.

Crowdsourced software testing process

The Lead Tester evaluates the quality of the bugs reported by the testers based on their relevance and the quality of the description in order to filter and confirm only valid ones. At the end of a testing session, you receive a clean, clear and concise list of issues that you can easily consult on-line, review and share with your developers to be corrected.

After each project, the testers’ performance is automatically evaluated on the basis of their efficiency, linguistic skills, contribution and rapidity during the testing session. The score they get allows us to assess their global performance, its evolution since the beginning of their work with us and to establish a global and local ranking to be sure our clients work only with the best testers.

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