Software quality assurance

Software quality assurance, often referred to in the industry as "software testing" or "QA testing" consists of thoroughly testing every aspect of a software project to ensure that:

  1. It functions as intended and does not contain errors
  2. It complies with the previously established development guidelines

As the interactive software industry grows, software quality assurance has become more and more complicated. Many offshoots have arisen and considerably complicated the software testing jargon: security testing, unit testing, usability testing, load testing, scripted testing, compatibility testing, etc.

In the end, what software quality assurance is all about is making sure that your software product works seamlessly for all your users. While we may expand into other areas in the future, we at the Crowdsourced Testing company specialize in one particular type of testing known as functional testing.

The sad reality of software quality assurance

The unfortunate reality of the software development industry is that testing is often neglected because development companies are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver their projects faster and faster.

Furthermore, software programming is a complex endeavor and it is very difficult to know ahead of time exactly how much time will be needed to develop a particular project. What usually ends up happening is that programmers work until the very last minute available and software quality assurance goes out the window.

When you do not properly test the software projects you are developing, they are likely to contain issues, known in the industry as "bugs", and these bugs can have a negative impact on your user’s experience, and consequently their trust in your brand.

What is proper software quality assurance methodology?

In a perfect world, software testing begins with a plan. We first build a test plan based on the available project documentation. The objective of the test plan is to provide our crowd of testers with an understanding of what the expected result of every action is.

Professional testers will then execute this plan and stray into what’s known as "exploratory testing", in which they attempt to push the limit of your system and use it in ways that you may not have thought of. This is usually were we encounter the most issues.

The issues encountered are then reported in what’s known as a bug base, a database that tracks the status of the problems encountered and their resolution. We primarily work with a bug-tracking software known as Mantis, but there are other great alternatives that we plan on integrating soon.

Your development team can then get to work on resolving the issues encountered, and indicate that they’ve been fixed by changing the status of the bugs to “Resolved” in the bug base. This lets us know that it is time to double-check to ensure that the resolution of the issues have not created any new bugs. This is called "regression testing."

Our software quality assurance services

What we do is we invite a large crowd of professional software testers to use your product as it is intended to be used by the general public and report any issues they encounter along the way. It is meant to help ensure that your product functions as intented, and for this reason it is highly beneficial that it be tested manually by expert testers in real-world conditions.

Our team at the Crowdsourced Testing company can accompany you every step of the way in your software testing process. We can help build your test plans and we’ll validate the work of our crowd of testers to ensure that it is nothing short of perfect. Contact us at anytime, or sign up now.


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