What is localization testing?

Localization testing is a type of quality assurance testing that consists of evaluating the compliance of your product with your target market from a linguistic and cultural standpoint.

It is mainly focused on the evaluation of your product’s functionality, appearance and quality of language.

What are the most common localization problems?

Linguistic issues are very common. They often refer to translation mistakes or oversights. Your product's content may not be grammatically correct, culturally appropriate or adapted to the context. However, whether your product's content consists of various paragraphs, single sentences or split words, it represents your company and should be thoroughly evaluated.

Formatting problems affect your users' experience. If your user interface does not support environment standard to display phone numbers, addresses, etc., your users may not be able to contact you.

Visual issues are also recurring. It is therefore essential to ensure your translated content fit in the space. For example, your call to action button might be perfect in english but not in spanish because of the word’s length.

Finally, localizing a product implies to change some initial settings to adapt the product to a local market. However, this localization process often introduces severe issues such as compatibility with localized code pages, text input acceptance, menu functionality, string manipulation etc.

Why is localization testing so important?

Launching a localized product that contains a great number of grammatical and functional errors may negatively affect your users' experience and prevent your company from breaking into a new market.

Why is localization testing a challenge?

To make sure your product matches your users' expectations, localization cannot be based only on translation. It has to be comprehensible but also intuitive and technically accessible.

When should you perform localization testing?

Localization testing should be done once your product is ready for the world to see. This means that the content has been entirely translated into another language and technical adjustments have been made.

Our localization testing services

At Crowdsourced Testing, we conduct localization testing to ensure that your interactive project is grammatically correct in a variety of languages and technically well adapted to the target market where it will be used and sold. It requires paying attention to the correct version of the operating system, language and regional settings.

Our crowdsourcing platform allows us to include only native speakers, i.e. testers who belong to your target market, and to exclude those who do not match your end-user profile. Testers are asked to pay attention to the tiniest details and differences. This includes checking the layout, linguistic rules and identifying functional issues.

Using crowdsourcing to test your website, mobile app or software is proven to yield much better results than traditional outsourcing services, for which you pay a single individual on an hourly basis. Find out more about working with us on the Software testing process page.