Video game testing

Video game testing is the most complex form of software testing given the large number of unscripted actions that a user can perform in a game’s environment.

The science of video game testing

Often perceived to be a fun job for students who love playing Xbox, the science of video game testing is much more detail-oriented and much less about “playing” in the proper sense of the term.

Unlike website or software testing, video game testing requires both:

  • a much more exhaustive exploratory testing effort, especially in “open-world” type games, where a character can navigate at his will an environment or level;
  • a well-coordinated scripted testing effort, to ensure that every single functionality, object, option, and location has been thoroughly tested.

Depending on the complexity of your game, it may require weeks or months of testing. Modern video game projects for next-gen consoles often require the involvement of hundreds of testers for months!

Video games are also impacted by fragmentation

Like websites and mobile applications, video games are impacted by hardware and software fragmentation issues.

More so even, given that games typically resort to more complex algorithms and operations that are likely to function differently on different platforms.

The same deal applies: if you’re launching a web-based game, it must be tested in all browsers, and if you are launching an iOS game, it must be thoroughly tested on all iOS devices!

Our video game testing services

If you are looking for an experienced team of video game testers for your next project, consider working with us at the Crowdsourced Testing company.

Our leadership team consists of video game industry veterans and our best testers are former video game testers. Our whole team will be very happy to work on your game project!

One of our objectives is to simplify video game testing for indie developers and make it more affordable and easy to use.

We know that there are many indie developers for whom quality assurance testing is a pain point. With our crowdsourced testing services, your game project will be tested quickly and efficiently on a large number of platforms by a crowd of passionate video game testers.

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