What is functional testing?

Functional testing is a type of quality assurance testing that consists of ensuring the compliance of a system or component against its specified functional requirements to ensure proper functionality.
This can be done during the development period, on a case-per-case basis for specific components developed by your team, or towards the end of a development project, when the various components of a project come together.
The main idea of functional testing is to look at the finished product and determine whether it does everything that it is supposed to do, and if it does so properly.
For example, let's say you are looking to ensure the proper functionality of a "Contact us" form on your website. The things you might consider are:
  • Is the information entered by the user in the form correctly sent to the intended recipient?
  • Is the user informed that his form has been sent successfully?
  • Does the form handle errors gracefully?
  • Is the user informed correctly when certain mandatory fields are left empty?
Of course, the complexity and depth of the tests required depends on the complexity of the product which you are testing. In many cases, providing a test plan is very important to ensure proper testing.

How can you efficiently prepare for functional testing?

Because the many components of your interactive products typically contain more features than immediately meet the eye, the key factor to ensure that you make the most of functional tests is to properly communicate every aspect of the product or component that you'd like tested.
Minimally, you should provide testers with the list of business requirements for the specific components which you are looking to have tested. Business requirements describe what a certain component should do from a business perspective. Going back to the example of the "Contact us" page, business requirements might be:
  • Visitors must be able to send a message to our sales team via the contact form
  • Visitors must provide their name, phone number, and email address when they contact the sales team

Our functional testing services

Functional testing is one of our specialties here at Crowdsourced Testing. Our community of professional testers can conduct the required tests to determine whether there are any bugs, broken links, spelling mistakes or any other type of errors in your product that may negatively affect your users' experience.
The power of crowdsourcing allows us to invite many different testers to participate in these tests, who each bring their own perspective and backgrounds to the experiment. You will then get more insights into the proper functionality of your product because many different users will have used it in different ways, versus if you only invite a single user to conduct these tests.
Using crowdsourcing to test your website, mobile app or software is proven to yield much better results than traditional outsourcing services, for which you pay a single individual on an hourly basis. Find out more about working with us on the Software testing process page.