How can I access more work from home software testing jobs?

Here at Crowdsourced Testing, one of our priorities is to provide excellent work from home software testing jobs to talented software testers around the world.

Of course, the number of opportunities available on our website at any given time varies and there may be times where there are no opportunities available that match your profile.

This might fit your lifestyle if you are only looking for part-time work or supplemental income, but we know that there are many professional testers out there who are looking for full-time employment from home.

If you are looking for more than occasional work, there are three ways that you can have access to more testing opportunities:

Increase your Tester Score

Your tester score is essentially a summary of your experience with us. The higher it is, the more testing opportunities you will have access to. The longest and highest paying testing opportunities are only available to our testers with the highest tester score.

The easiest way to increase your Tester Score quickly is to participate in unpaid testing sessions. If you constantly deliver great work, you will rapidly unlock more work opportunities with higher payouts.

If you'd like to know more about how the Tester Score works and how you can increase it, please read the QA testers evaluation article.

Add more hardware and software combinations to your profile

If the only device at your disposal is a PC with Windows XP, you're missing out on various testing opportunities for mobile devices. Consider getting an iPod Touch or an Android device to test cool mobile applications!

Dust off your spanish, french and your dutch

We currently offer services in English, French and Spanish, with more languages on the way.

When you log into your tester dashboard, you are only presented with testing opportunities that match the languages that you speak according to your profile.

To ensure that you receive as many testing opportunities as possible, make sure your profile is up-to-date with all the languages that you speak fluently. Why not also practice your French on great free sites like Duolingo?

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