I love playing video games and am a hardcore gamer. Do you have any jobs for me?

Many people see video game testing as a perfect job. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for playing games all day?

At Crowdsourced Testing, we welcome enthusiastic games testers, and have many projects for you. However, there is a lot more to games testing than being an avid games enthusiast.  Games testing is very complicated, time-consuming, and repetitive.  Before deciding to become a games tester, you should understand what it takes to become a games tester, and the highs and lows of games testing.

We always try to make our games tests as interesting and fulfilling as possible for our testers, but in exchange, we accept only the highest quality testers for these tests. Games testing requires testers to be extremely meticulous and organized in reporting bugs and creating screenshots. In exchange, we have gotten very positive results from our testers who love playing a part in testing a new game, or updates of popular games.

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