Why is the testers' performance graded?

At Crowdsourced Testing, our goal is to help web and software developers deliver better interactive projects faster.

That can only happen if our team consists exclusively of the world's best software testers.

We know that there are many passionate testers out there and we want to give everybody a chance. However, we cannot neglect the quality of our service or burden our clients with the responsibility of filtering through the work of inexperienced testers, as many of our clients are in time-sensitive situations.

We strive to be a great employer for our community of testers and treat you well, but this is a two way street. The more time and effort you invest in us, the more time and effort we will invest in you!

As we get to know you better by working with you on a number of projects, higher levels of membership will be unlocked, allowing you to earn more money and work on more challenging projects. We can only offer these opportunities to the best testers in our community, "la crème de la crème" as they say, so make sure to keep your Tester Score up!

To find out exactly how your tester score is calculated, please refer to the article: QA testers evaluation.

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