What skills are required to become a freelance software tester?

To become a freelance software tester with Crowdsourced Testing, you are required to possess professional software testing experience.

If you do not possess professional software testing experience, you are most certainly welcome to participate in unpaid testing projects while you gather experience, but it may take some time and effort before you can access paid testing opportunities with us. Don’t give up!

If you do possess professional testing experience, you may sign up and get involved with us immediately.

There are only a few conditions:

  • You must possess a computer, tablet or mobile
  • You must be fluent in English, French, Spanish or Dutch
  • You must possess the necessary self-discipline to work from home on complex software projects and deliver good results every time

These work from home testing opportunities are available to experienced software testers worldwide without restrictions.

Your involvement with our company is constantly being evaluated and should never be taken for granted. We will give priority to highly motivated freelance testers who constantly deliver good results.

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