How many software testing projects can I participate in?

You can only participate in one testing project at a time. You must first complete your ongoing project before taking part in another one.

You should note that you are expected to deliver excellent results for every project that you get involved in. You should not get involved in more projects than you can handle, as you will be penalized if your participation in one project is less than stellar.

Some projects are longer than others. The amount of testing required depends on the state of a project. We advise all of our testers to ensure that they've given an honest effort before moving on to another project.

If you accept a testing project and you do not contribute at all, you will be banned from our platform. We hold our testers to the highest standards of professionalism. This applies to all testers, old and new.

Take your work seriously and you will be rewarded with bigger and better testing opportunities.

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