Software testers evaluation

When you participate in software testing projects with us, the quality of your work is evaluated after each project.


Every tester's performance is automatically evaluated based on two primary criteria: 

The validity of the bugs that you reported

It is important when you report a bug that you consider its validity. Before you report a bug, ask yourself:

Is it really a bug, or was the product designed this way?

Does this have a negative impact on the user’s experience? Is this something that is broken, functioning incorrectly?

It is also very important that you first verify if the bug you are about to report has already been reported. We've designed our bug base to make it very easy for you to see a list of the issues that have already been reported for each section of the project.

The quality of your writing

When you report issues, it is crucial that they are well written and easy to understand. Our clients' perception of our services depends highly on the quality of your bug reports.

Make sure your bug reports are free of spelling errors and very clear. Always write in an active voice and go straight to the point. Describe the issues without any additional adjectives, and review your text before submitting it.

If your text contains spelling mistakes, you will be penalized. We strive for perfection, nothing less!


Two secondary criteria are also taken into account when calculating your Tester Score: 

The number of bugs that you have reported

We are aware that the number of bugs that you can find and report is not entirely up to you. Our objective with this criteria is to reward the testers who invest the most efforts in our projects. If you spend 


Your contributions to other testers' bugs

This is a new feature that we have introduced. When you are testing, you may now contribute to other testers' bugs.

If another tester has already reported an issue that you are seeing, you should click "Contribute" next to the bug report and specify in which hardware and software combination the bug happens for you.

Collaboration is very important if we want to be a successful community. This is why we want to create an environment where testers work together to deliver valuable results for our clients.


Most of the evaluation process is now automated.

However, the Project Manager does review every single bug that is submitted to ensure its quality and evaluate the quality of the writing. This may take some time after the testing period has ended. Once the Project Manager has completed his work, your tester score is updated accordingly. The project's Project Manager often leaves comments in your bug reports that are useful for you to improve your bug reports in the future. You should always look back on previous projects to review the comments that were made.

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