How to use our bug tracker?

The following is a tutorial on how to use Lean Testing as a tester with Crowdsourced Testing. We expect our testers to apply this methodology for every bug that they enter while participating in a software testing project with us.

Please read the following article carefully before you accept your first testing project. 

1. Log in with your username and password on crowdsourcedtesting.com. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, you can reset your password using your email address. 

2. You immediately get access to your personal dashboard offering a simple view into your score, completed projects and the projects you are eligible to take part in according to your profile.

3. Choose a project, read its details and click on ‘Accept this job’.

4. To start testing, click on ‘report bug’ and select the section of the website or application where the bug occured. 


5. You automatically get access to the list of bugs reported by the testers also taking part in the testing session. If your bug has already been reported, click on ‘confirm’ to add a comment and specify that you noticed the same bug.

6. If your bug has not been reported yet, click on ‘next’. You are required to describe the bug in a clear and concise way and to identify its severity.

7. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary, depending on the number of bugs you find out.  


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