When should I test my software?

We believe in testing as a continuous task, which should be done alongside development. It is much more efficient for testers and developers to communicate throughout the entire development process, instead of separating testing and development and only leaving testing until the end.

The earlier you detect certain defects, the easier they will be to fix and continue along the development process.

Here is an interesting article if you want more information on whether or not you are testing early enough.

However, it is important to remember that testing does not end when you release your apps or software. In order to stay relevant today, you must have a continuous update plan, and Crowdsourced Testing can help you with this!

Once you have gained a large amount of users, it is twice as important to make sure that new updates are well-received in order to maximize user-retention. Crowdsourced Testing helps many companies organize and test their app updates to maximize user-retention and in-app purchases.

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