What is crowdsourced testing?

Crowdsourced Testing consists in delegating software testing tasks to a community of expert quality assurance testers through an online platform.

It is quickly emerging as the most efficient way to streamline interactive software production and improve the quality of the web and software products published by developers.

Crowdsourced testing offers numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility: Given that our crowd encompasses testers in all timezones, there are always testers available, no matter the time of day. This comes in particularly handy when working late at night trying to meet a deadline.

  • Instantaneity: Unlike traditional software testing companies, Crowdsourced Testing services are available on short notice and allow you to get results in as little as a few hours.

  • Real-world multiplatform testing: When dealing with external users, your products are likely to be used on a much wider range of hardware and software combinations than those you have in-house. These include older browser versions, other operating systems and different hardware devices. By working with a large crowd of testers, you ensure that your product is tested in various real-world situations and on a large variety of hardware and software combinations.

Why crowdsourcing and software testing is a natural fit

Creativity is difficult to crowdsource or outsource. Can you crowdsource design? You can, but you might find it hard to find people who will convey your vision exactly as you would have liked. If you employ a talented designer or developer, you're lucky; keep them on staff and keep them happy.

Creativity is more easily harvested within a company.

The entire web or software development process can be called creative. From conception to market, products are constantly evolving and your staff makes creative decisions until the very end. However, the software testing process represents a key part of the creative interactive development process which is entirely rational. Software testing is about attention to detail and meticulousness.

Although quality assurance tests can be about judging the quality of an interactive product and making suggestions on how it can be improved, the unfortunate reality is that they are often conducted by rushed copywriters or project managers with very limited time at their disposal. 

As a project managers I would find myself too often in a situation where we would send an interactive project to a client, all the while suspecting that it contained bugs, and praying that he would not find them. We were under so much pressure to deliver that we didn't have time to properly test it. Programmers ran late, the team kept finding bugs, and we would finally ship the product several hours late without proper testing, hoping that our prayers would be heard.

Crowdsourced testing offers the advantage of enabling companies to conduct tests when it is most convenient for them, no matter the time or day of the week. This means that programmers can make a test request before they leave work and return to find a clear and concise list of bugs to fix in the morning. This can help you save an enormous amount of time and money!


However, with that came another challenge: how do you manage the quality of services provided by a crowd of providers?

How Crowdsourced Testing delivers excellent software testing services

Our solution is in a limited, elite group of freelance software testers who are passionate about what they do and equally passionate about doing it right.

At Crowdsourced Testing, we constantly review the work of every tester participating in our software testing projects to ensure great results. The more a tester gets involved in projects and the better his work, the more likely he is to be invited to test our clients' projects.

You as a client only work with our community's best testers. We do this so you won't suffer through the pitfalls often associated with traditional crowdsourcing: poor results, incomplete bug descriptions, or language barriers!

Our mission is to help web and software developers deliver their projects on time and on budget by providing them with excellent quality assurance testing services at flexible hours. We've been testers for a long time. We understand your reality. We know how we can help you. Most importantly, we enjoy what we do, we care about a job well done and we're easy to work with.

Every company we have worked with has become a regular client. Why not give us a try? No signup fees, no commitment.

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