On what devices can my project be tested?

We focus primarily on computers and mobile devices.

Our community of testers possesses over 5,000 combinations of computers, mobile devices and operating systems, and this number is growing every day.

For computers, we've limited the scope of our work to Mac and PCs, using every recent versions of Windows and Mac OS.

With regards to mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites, we currently work with Android and iOS devices but will consider adding Windows, BlackBerry and Firefox devices if there is enough demand.

With Crowdsourced Testing, you can specify precisely what devices you'd like to have your projects tested on. You can be very specific (iPad Mini running iOS 8.0) or very broad (all recent popular desktop browsers.)

Of course, the more testers get involved in testing your project, the more diversified your results will be. Our standard packages include the most popular devices for each ecosystem, but we can definitely create custom packages based on your needs. Simply contact us and we'll arrange something that fits your needs and budget.


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