What kind of results do I get?

In the case of functional or localization tests 

A clear and concise list of defects 

Once your testing session has ended, you are invited to visit a comprehensive list including all of the defects identified in your product. 

You can sort out defects by type, sections where the issue happens and level of severity. You can also sort them out by status.


To facilitate developers’ work and streamline your internal resolution process, you can export this list of defect to Lean Testing, our free hosted bug tracker. 

Find out more about the benefits of using Lean Testing to fix defects on the resolution process page.


Standardized and complete bug reports

To help you understand defects instantly, each bug report contains answers to specific mandatory questions, such as the steps to reproduce bugs and a definition of the expected result. Every bug report also comes with a screenshot or video.


Useful  project status charts

Clear figures about the number of bugs reported, their status and severity are also included to get a rapid overview of your product.


In the case of usability tests

A short recap of your testers profile



Useful and relevant answers to your questionnaire

Once your UX testing session has ended, you are invited to read the feedback provided by the participants who experienced your product.

Each participant’s gender and age is included to get a clear idea of who provided the feedback.  



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