Who are the members of your software testing community?

Testers involved in testing your projects are experienced professionals who have demonstrated their qualifications by participating in a large number of projects with us.

On average, members of our community have over 6 years of experience as full-time testers.

Our tester screening process is ongoing. When signing up, we require their CV and/or LinkedIn profile. Once they've registered with us and started working, we constantly review their work to confirm their seriousness, dedication and performance.

The Lead Testers involved in managing the work performed by the crowd of testers are all internal employees based in our office in Montreal, Canada. Their mission is to review our testers' work, grade their performance and ensure that you only get valid results.

Unlike freelancer platforms, you are not required to select the individual testers who will participate in your projects. Our algorithm automatically selects the best testers for your projects, based on their performance with us, their expertise and the devices you are targeting.

If you'd like more insights into the members of our software testing community, take a look at the article: "Who are the mobile early adopters?" on our blog.




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