Our quality assurance process

To make a test request, all you need to do is sign up and complete a simple form.

You are required to first select your package and then provide some basic information about the product you would like to have tested, such as:

  • Your project's name
  • The version number
  • The project file or link (you can provide us with a zip, exe, app and apk files)
  • The project's username and password (if required)
  • Any special instructions that you’d like to provide our testers
  • The start time of a testing period (a testing session usually lasts between 24 and 72 hours)
  • You can also provide a test plan if you have one

When you create a request, it is saved as a draft. You can edit it as many times as necessary until you are ready to submit it.

Once you’ve finalized your request, it is automatically assigned to a Project Manager, a Lead Tester and a team of professional software testers. You can review the work in progress in our bug tracking software, and communicate with your assigned Project manager during the testing period.

Once the initial round of testing is completed, it is your team’s turn to get to work. Your developers can update the status of the bugs found trough our bug tracking software.

Later, you may request another round of testing to ensure that no new issues have been introduced by your developers when fixing the first ones. This is known as regression testing.The process is very easy: Our team of expert testers will report any issue they encounter during the testing period – whether visual or functional, minor or severe. You can then be the judge of what you would like your developers to fix or not.

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