How can we ensure great quality through crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourced Testing hires professional testers from around the world.

Our strict quality policy makes it so that only the very best testers are accepted and offered testing sessions. Testers who recently joined the platform can only join unpaid missions. At the end of each mission, testers are graded based on different performance criteria. Their score is then averaged with their previous scores, to give them their tester score. Only testers with a score of 6/10 or higher can join paid missions.

As they are constantly evaluated, even those testers with scores higher than 6 must constantly work to keep their scores up.

We have put this policy in place as we believe that it is essential for our clients to have access to professional, high quality testers. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need testers who meet specific requirements, and we will be glad to create a tester group for you!

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