Here at Crowdsourced Testing, we understand the importance of confidentiality.

We are former developers, project managers and product owners, and know that you don't want your projects to be discovered by the general public before they are ready.

 Because of this, our confidentiality policy is based on the following requirements :

  • All of our permanent employees have signed a formal confidentiality agreement that covers all of your projects.
  • All of our freelance testers must agree to keep your projects' information confidential before they can apply to work with us.
  • Only the testers who are actually involved in testing your projects have access to any sensitive information that you may provide.
  • We closely monitor the work of our community of freelance testers. We know who works on every project, and if there's ever any doubt over a person's actions with regards to confidentiality, they are immediately banned, as their actions affect our reputation.

One of the very next features that we are working on is the ability for you to gather signed NDAs directly from the testers who will be working on your projects. Look for this feature to be implemented in a few weeks.

With this in mind, Crowdsourced Testing can be extremely useful no matter the stage of your project.

If you have a website or mobile application that is already published, but your users are reporting bugs, we can help identify and document them in a clear and concise fashion to facilitate your programmers' work.

If you have a project that is near completion and you need some help in identifying all of its bugs before releasing it, Crowdsourced Testing can help you achieve this in very little time.

If you are working on a secret project and would like the help of a small group of professional testers in the specific area that your product is targeting, we can help!

Or if you are puzzled because there seem to be issues on specific browsers or devices and you can't reproduce them because your company's IT policy is to install the same version of Windows XP on the same Dell machines for everyone, Crowdsourced Testing can help.

It must be said however: Crowdsourced Testing is not suitable for every type of web or software project. If your project is utmost confidential (read: only your country's president can see it) or you're looking for very specific banking-grade security testing, then Crowdsourced Testing isn't for you.

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